How to choose your Guitar Pick?

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The universe of guitar picks is huge, I mean real huge. There are a lot of parameters when it comes to choosing a guitar pick that works best for you; like thickness, shape, size, material, surface property, designs and a lot more.

Lets see how we can break down some of the most important parameters so that you can be less confused when it comes to choosing the right one for you.

1. Thickness

   I would tell this is the most important aspect when it comes to choosing a guitar pick. We have a lot of thickness of guitar picks available in the market which varies from 0.38mm Dunlop 44P38 Nylon Standard Guitar Picks to 11.85mm Insanity Guitar Picks from V-Picks.

  As a general rule of thumb, go for the thinner ones for acoustics and the thicker guitar picks for electric guitars. The main reason being the tone varied output. The thinner ones got more give (or flex; the flexibility of pick), where are the thicker ones are stiff and hard, obviously.

  The thinner ones tend to slide over the strings while strumming and gives out a smooth tone for the chords. It gives lesser string vibrations for acoustic guitars.

  Thicker ones are great for hitting individual notes, which does the purpose for shredding out solos on electric guitars.

2. Material

  The material plays a just role in the durability of the guitar picks, and also the flex. The material can go from normal plastics to some crazy materials. Lets go through some of the common materials-

a) Tortoise shell - low friction, great tone, originals are rare, expensive

b) Cellulose plastic - common, cheap, flexible, wears down fast

c) Nylon - flexible, cheap, thinner ones can be made

d) Delrin - non-slippery

e) Wood - usually thick, bright tone, wears quickly

f) Metal - not flexible, super bright tones, usually thick, long lasting

3. Shape

  A general choice pattern in guitar picks shows that most of the guitarists prefer to have the standard shape of guitar picks, which is triangular shape with one pointed tip and two rounded tips. 

  The guitar picks can come is various shapes and styles, which is again a personal preference.

4. Size

 As for the size, it also relates to the shape of the guitar picks. Usually the standard size is preferred by most of the guitarists.

  The "Jazz" picks which are relatively smaller in size are mostly preferred by rock and jazz players. Also, a wide range of lead / solo guitarists prefer to have Jazz picks for faster and crisp shredding.

 Guitar picks with a higher size than the standard are usually chose by acoustic players, since the fast chords progressions might cause the picks to fall down. Larger picks provides more area for the grip.


   All other parameters play a little role when it comes to choosing the right guitar picks for your style of playing. But at the end of the day, it all comes to personal preference. You have to try various picks to find what suits best for your playing style and comfort.

  This article can get you started to choose your first guitar pick if you're very confused. But feel free to try out as many as guitar picks as you can to find the best one for you.

  Hit those strings, we got you covered!

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