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Mohammed Ali Abdulrahim Hassan Bafoory

  Another milestone for hydyy store! We are so proud to announce the endorsement of Mr.Mohammed Ali Abdulrahim Hassan bafoory Alawadhi,widely known BAFOORY. Who is the very First emirati rockertist. He is a passionate musician, who can also play Guitar, Piano, bass and drums. Bafoory, is an emirati Rock  artist based in Abu Dhabi Who sing in English,Hindi and Arabic. He have been also fortunate enough to be invited in the Indian Embassy to perform in Hindi on the Independence Day celebrations and other major places like Sorbonne University of Paris, NYU Arts Center along sde the Kuwaiti Band (Miami).His recent big performance was for Sharjah Entrepreneurship Festival this November, in which some of the well known entrepreneurs like Gary Veynerchuk @garyvee...

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Gladwyn James Graham

Presenting our first Hydyy Store Artist! (Sep 2018 - Present) A young musical prodigy, an EDM Producer, Gladwyn James Graham began his journey at the mere age of 5, with a guitar. He plays over 15 musical instruments. Winner of multiple musician awards, the 18-year-old has a beautifully crafted musical acumen. His undying passion towards music resulted in building a home studio to create music full time. In the year 2018, he successfully released his first single "Leave", and is being streamed and downloaded across various platforms. You can check out his music across various platforms: Instagram: Facebook: Youtube: SoundCloud: Spotify: iTunes: Deezer:   HEAD TO OUR FACEBOOK PAGE FOR MORE PHOTOS OF THE SIGNING!

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